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From idea to passion

My carpentry workshop is located in Germany in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid.
As a master craftsman's business, we have been manufacturing individual kitchens and furniture to customer specifications for over a decade.

15 years ago I started a small production of beech building blocks for fun.
I sold these wooden building blocks exclusively via a simple webshop on the internet. - the idea was based on the carpenter's shed of Michel from Lönneberga, as well as the carpenter's shed of Petterson and Findus.

From the offer of initially 5 building blocks of a series, the portfolio grew over the years more and more.
The popularity of many customers increasingly confirmed the idea behind the building blocks.
Kindergartens and schools asked for more and more. Our building blocks found their way into schoolbooks of various publishers and into geometry lessons. The webshop became more professional and international.

Therefore, the decision was not difficult to completely separate from the kitchen and furniture business and to concentrate on the essentials.

In 2014/2015 I built a new workshop hall in the industrial area of Bitzen, directly near Neunkirchen-Seelscheid. In May 2015 we moved completely with all parts of the business.
The new hall is highly thermally insulated to conserve resources; we produce 45% of the electricity ourselves.
Just as with the raw material for our building blocks, the principle of sustainability should also apply here.
The rest of the energy is supplied by certified hydroelectric power.

Today I sell my building blocks and wooden blocks as children's toys all over Europe.
This is how an idea became a passion!


The world smiles with you





From the very beginning it has been a great concern of mine to produce wooden blocks and building bricks in Germany under my own direction, which guarantees the same standards of precision and workmanship of the carpentry trade as well as fair working and manufacturing conditions.


Our building blocks are made for children, not by children!

In addition to wooden building blocks as children's toys, our products are also in demand as haptic sales aids.
For this purpose, we manufacture corresponding wooden moulds and inscribe them by laser engraving or printing.
If colour is desired, these are also painted beforehand according to customer specifications.
Here too, we guarantee fair manufacturing conditions, which are often neglected in this area.